Salty Bet is a free game that allows you to place virtual bets on live competitive events. Salty Bet is purely for entertainment purposes and no real money will be paid out. Salty Bucks are only used to play Salty Bet, they are not an actual currency and do not have value.

Terms of Service

Do not harass other players.
No spamming or hate speech.
Do not advertise unauthorized third party extensions or other websites.
Do not exploit, abuse, or excessively use the system in a way that affects other players or the operation of the system.

You may be banned from chat and/or your account may be deleted by an administrator for violating these terms.
After creating an account, you will start with $400 in Salty Bucks that can be used to place bets on competitive events being streamed live. Once the names of the players are displayed on the stream, bets will be opened for the current match and you may place a bet. Bets will be locked before the first round. Once bets are locked, no more bets will be accepted for the current match.

To place a bet, simply enter the amount you wish to wager in the "Wager" textbox and click one of the two "Bet" buttons. You may place as many bets as you wish while bets are open, but only your most recent bet will be counted. After placing a bet, it will be displayed at the bottom of the screen along with the odds and your potential payout for the match.

All players will be tracked in a database and winnings will not be deleted. If you lose all of your Salty Bucks, you will receive a small bailout. You must climb your way out of the salt mines!
In addition to collecting Salty Bucks, you will also gain experience by placing bets. As you move up in levels, you can unlock new emblems used to represent your betting experience. Click here for more information about your level.
Odds are displayed as follows: (Player 1 payout : Player 2 payout ($Potential payout)). The minimum bet that can be placed is $1, so odds are always displayed in relation to $1. For example, odds of 1:4 indicate that for every $1 in the player 1 pot, there are $4 in the player 2 pot. Odds of 4:1 indicate that for every $1 in the player 2 pot, there are $4 in the player 1 pot. Potential payout is the total amount of Salty Bucks you can win given your current wager.
Payouts are made proportionally. For example, if you wager $1 on player 1 and the total pot for player 1 is $4, your proportion is 25%. This means that you are entitled to 25% of the player 2 pot, assuming that player 1 wins. Your proportion of the payout is calculated as follows: (Your bet/Total amount bet on the player).
There are currently 5 tiers, which are listed in order of win percentage respectively: X Tier, S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, and P Tier. Characters are matched up against other characters within their tier.

Characters can move between S, A, B, and P tier by winning or losing 15 matches consecutively, and the active tier list is viewable in the compendium. Characters are placed in X Tier manually.
The Compendium is a feature that allows you to see the full Salty Bet roster as well as the tier each character belongs to. In addition to viewing this information, you can use the Compendium to make minor adjustments to each character. Currently, you can spend your Salty Bucks to increase or decrease a character's health, or to increase/decrease the amount of meter they start each round with. You must first unlock the character before changing its stats (X Tier, S Tier, A Tier, and B Tier). P Tier (potato) characters do not need to be unlocked.

A life increase/decrease of 20 represents a 2% change in health for most characters (base 1000), and a meter upgrade of 1000 is a single meter. The range for life increase/decrease is 100-2000 (a character's life may have already been outside of this range prior to the Compendium). Each character has its own limit for the amount of meter it can have. The starting meter value is limited to this number on a character-by-character basis.

You must be a member of the Salty Illuminati to use the Compendium.
The Shaker is a feature that allows you to request custom match-ups and view tournament brackets. Currently, the casino rotates between the matchmaking system, randomly generated tournaments, and user requested exhibition matches. Tournaments rotate through B, A, and S tier (if the current tournament is B tier, the next tournament will be A tier). The bracket is generated with characters from the selected tier, and characters can be promoted or demoted during the tournament. The number of matches remaining for the current game mode will be displayed in chat.

You must be a member of the Salty Illuminati to request exhibition matches.
During tournaments you will have a special balance that replaces your normal balance. Your tournament balance is equal to 1000 + level bonus + illuminati bonus. You cannot go below your tournament balance while a tournament is active, and at the end of the tournament whatever you earned will be added to your normal balance. You must place at least one bet to receive the tournament balance as a bonus and you will not lose any of your normal balance during tournament mode. The player with the highest tournament balance at the end of the tournament will also receive an additional win bonus.
Salty Gold